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Re: What if The Biz Plan Book and The Bullet Journal got together and had a DIGITAL BABY?

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,


You've heard it before: "If you want to sell more online you've got to be aligned with your content and what you're selling."


And there is some truth to that statement.


But little good it does you if you've tried to find your big why, keep track of the success habits you want to develop, what your goals are, figure out what your content is, how it all fits together, and create products around it too, but have come up short.


Or you're convinced that planning would be great if you only had the time to do it and be productive at the same time.


The fact is, if you finally want to create your year of content plan in less time than it takes to wait through the line at Starbucks. You're in the right place!


And if you want to quit trying to learn complicated planning software that never seems to do what you want it to do... Or you're tired of losing your place inside of your notebooks... Or sticky notes are taking over your life and you just need to get things organized once and for all...


You're in the right place!


Plus, if you want to save hours of time each week on planning your content, promo calendar and business in general, then you're definitely in the right place!


Best of all...

You Get My Easiest To Implement Step-By-Step Business Planning And Organization Trainings That Will Have You Making Effective, Aligned Content In Less Than 60-Minutes!

What if The Biz Plan Book

and The Bullet Journal 

got together and had a


That's the exact question I asked myself recently.


You see, The Biz Plan Book is now in it's 3rd year and those who use it LOVE IT. Right after the first Biz Plan Book got released, The Bullet Journal system came out and I became obsessed.


I struggled for two years with my love of both systems, the powerful workbook portion of The Biz Plan Book and the flexibleness of The Bullet Journal. I wanted to be able to combine the two, so I worked on many different ways on how they could work together.


I recreated the Biz Plan Book inside my Bullet Journal. 


Then I recreated the Bullet Journal system inside of The Biz Plan Book.


But, the only part that really worked was the list of to-dos. 

a digital version of BOTH.



And now, for the first time ever, you get the combined 
power of the Biz Plan Book + Bullet Journal!



Introducing... The DIGITAL Brilliant Business Planner!

  • Draws Out Your Brilliance

    The power of the Biz Plan Book workbook and the way it intuitively pulls out the knowledge that gets trapped inside those deep recesses of the brain, COMBINED WITH...

  • Flexibility You'll Love

    The flexibility to move things around, take more important notes, and frankly organize an entire business inside of it. Making it the easiest to use and most customizable planning system you've ever used.

And YOU are the very first EVER to see it - plus, you can grab it today!

Here's Everything You're Getting In This Training...

Module 1: How To Use The App Software


Make your own flexible planning space using a free, easy-to-use web based and app based tool that works on PC's, Macs, and iOS! (Android coming soon!)


I'll walk you step-by-step on getting it all going.

Module 2: Get Clear And Get Focused On Your Business Dreams And Goals!

  • You'll see exactly how to create a powerful vision board (yes, they work if you do it right)

  • Finally, get crystal clear on your why so you can express your passion in everything you do and say

  • What to say and how to tell people exactly what your business mission is all about, and why they should get involved with your vision

  • How to get the most out of your everyday focus and finally stop running in circles.

Module 3: How To Brainstorm in a Way That is Aligned With Your Authenticity. 


One of the secrets of cranking out content so fast is found in the brainstorming area. You'll get massive breakthroughs and clarity here that you never saw coming! (And your audience will love!)

Module 4: Organize Your Daily Life And Keep Your Goals Front And Center!


You will create a workflow quickly and easily that will have you knowing exactly what you are going to be focusing on each and every day, making your life easier than ever before. 


No more floundering about! 

Module 5: Track And Organize All Your Habits, Emails, And Projects!


Combine your tracking all into one central location so you know exactly what is going on at all times inside of your business. You'll become more organized than ever before - even if you've never liked "writing things down"!

Module 6: How To Capture All Your Random Thoughts All In One Place!


Have you ever had a great idea in the middle of the night and thought "I'll remember it in the morning". But, we never do, right?


Ideas can come at the oddest of times. Be sure you know where to capture them quickly before they run off into thin air, never to be seen again! This training will show you how!

With all the time and frustration the Brilliant Business Planner - Digital Edition will save you, I could easily sell this training for over $500…

You get ALL this training and bonuses today for...

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Bonus: Create A Podcast Workflow

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The primary training will show you how to use this powerful planning software in creative, straight-forward ways that you still need in other areas to track, like your Podcast and keeping all of those pieces and parts together.


It will even show you how to add an assistant to the mix to help you out!

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