Create Momentum In Your Business And Get Accountability To Help Keep You On Track!

It's so much easier than you think...

One of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people--whether the world's richest industrialists from the early 20th Century or today's modern icons of business--is called an accountability group. An accountability group can focus special energy on your effort--in the form of knowledge, resources, and spiritual energy, too.


While you must always do the work of becoming a great success, an accountability group can harness and maximize the forces behind your success, plus help to hold you accountable in reaching the goals you desire to reach.


In short, an accountability group is both that power coming to us from above--from the Universal force--but also that power which comes to us from each other. Together, we know more and can focus more energy than any one of us can alone.

YES! You are that precious, powerful, and greatly valued by others.


And that value you bring is just waiting to make an impact on the world.


Hey Brilliant Business Owner,


I'm Natalie Marie Collins. Being a successful Business Coach wouldn't be possible without the help of an accountability group. 


We all have our own brilliance inside of us, and in the correct environment it can be safe to come out so you can truly thrive the way you were designed to.


I know from first hand experience how valuable and important it is moving forward and getting things done by having others hold you accountable. There is nothing better at lighting that fire from underneath to get us moving and get things done.


Getting the help you need in your business doesn't have to be crazy expensive either. My goal is to support you along your business journey and growth in the safest space possible at a price that we can both feel good about. That's why I created the Brilliant Minds Accountability Group.

Here's how the Brilliant Minds Accountability Group works:

  • Weekly Group Calls

    We meet every week to report on your progress and to set intentions for the upcoming week.


    Meetings are on Monday at 12pm (noon) Eastern / 9am Pacific on Zoom, where you can join by computer or phone. 

  • One on One Coaching Calls

    If you choose the option that includes a monthly One on One call with me, Natalie, we'll find the best time and date for you to have our private call. You'll have the opportunity to dive deep into your goals and desires, discover where you're stuck, and together we'll set up an easy-to-implement plan on what your exact next steps will be to accelerate your results.

  • Tap Into The Collective

    Having a group of super smart people that you trust at your fingertips is incredibly valuable for your business growth. No one person can have all of the answers you need. But, put some great minds together and you get to tap into a powerful force of nature that is on your side, supporting you every step along the way.  

You Are Invited To Join!


Find an option that’s

right for you.

Weekly  Accountability Group

  • Weekly Group Meetings

  • Group Goal Check-ins

  • Tap Into The Collective

  • Group Accountability

  • Help Support Others


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Weekly Group

Plus 1-Private Call With Natalie Per Month

  • Everything In Group 

  • 1-Private Call with Natalie 

  • Private Accountability

  • Accelerated Results


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